Kurt Kinetic Smart Control

Hi.  I’ve currently got a KK RnR trainer, which I love the feel of, and have been considering upgrading to the smart control unit but a significant number of reviews slate it as being unreliable, misreading power and other issues.  I intend using it slightly differently as I’ll be using my quarq rather than the KK unit for the power reading, so really the unit will only be to control the resistance whilst in ERG mode or simulate the hills in SIM mode.  Does my idea sound ok or would I be better off selling the trainer as is and getting something else?

Hey Stuart,  your idea sounds interesting… 

Don’t know much about the Smart Control, apart from the reviews you’ve obviously read too, but here is some stuff for you to think about while you wait for the Smart Control experts to chime in:

I used to ride the RnR as well, but switched to a Neo combined with a Co-Plate

(the Co-Plate also works with other trainers…)


I ended up using two CycleOps trainer blocks (stacked) to bring the front to the right height.  Overall I’m pretty pleased. It has the same quirks as the RnR in that the floor should be level, or else you would have to shim the base.  My RnR usually felt like it leaned one way…

The Co-Plate uses two air bladders between the upper and lower plates - one on each side - for the suspension.  Those do require occasional refilling - that is about the only downside, apart from the extra upfront cost. I received a small needle pump + air pressure gauge with release valve with the unit for these adjustments. I found the small hand pump annoying, but you can just thread the needle piece into any old floor pump that accepts Schraeder valves and use that instead. The bladders do not require much air pressure so one shouldn’t go wild with the floor pump…  It just becomes one of your pre-ride checks, and maybe I have to refill them 1x a month or so.

The Co-Plate came with a very small (1in.?) plastic level that affixes onto the plate to let you check that it is balanced.  Personally I find using a proper 1ft level does a better job when you are making adjustments.

The first time you ride the bike on the Co-Plate, you feel like you are super high, because you are a little higher off the ground.  So long as you not in a basement with your head scraping the ceiling already, this won’t be an issue.  Your position relative to any TV screen etc would change very slightly.  Getting on the bike was daunting at first because the top tube is that much higher, but you get over that pretty quickly unless your top tube is already pretty close to your inseam, in which case a little step stool / block or something should sort it.

I don’t think that I could go back to riding the Neo on its own now.  cheers