Kurt Kinetic Road machine vs. actual power

Hi has anyone recently compared the zpower output in zwift for a KK Road machine to “actual power” from power meters, like Stages or Garmin Vector?

I’m curious if the zpower readings I’m getting in zwift are way off or not :slight_smile:

We have! And it’s pretty close :slight_smile: zPower will always be a work-in-progress but, right now, the KKRM is quite accurate as long as your set-up is correct.


After breaking a belt on my Kickr, I was forced to use my Kurt Kinetic Road Machine for a few rides.  I also have a powertap rear wheel so can get power.  I have Zwift setup to use the speed sensor with zPower rather than the powertap so I could compare.  The average power for the ride from the powertap was within 2% of that I got with zPower.  I was surprised and impressed.

Hi guys ,my setup is following :

-Kurt Kinetic Road machine (non smart)

-Garmin Speed Sensor and Cadence Sensor (magnet-less version)

-Garmin HR strap 

-Schwalbe Insider Turbo Trainer Tyre 25 mm


I would like to know if is possible how is the best setup in order to approximate W closed to reality in Zwift

-How many turns for back knob on the back wheel ?

-What pressure to inflate rear tyre ? 


Thank you very much