Kneeling handbike frame


I am a handike athlete from Sweden and I am thrilled that Zwift has added the handbike frame. However, I hope that Zwift does not stop there as there are two type of handbikes. This is one but I am something you call a “kneeling handbiker” and I am wondering if there are any plans for introducing a kneeling handbike frame as well?

Here is a picture of me in a kneeling handbike.

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I’m voting Yes here.

And also voting for hotdogs. Zwift should feature more hotdogs too :smiley:


Hi @Simon_Risberg welcome back to the forums!

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. We hope to offer more types of adaptive bikes in the future but do not presently have a timeline for when other bikes might be available.


Great to hear that you hope to offer more types of adaptive bikes in the future. Can I suggest as well you reconsider the 50% draft on upright bikes. Many handcyclist avatar users are finding a significant disadvantage riding in the group events and thus need to revert back to using the upright bikes.