Kickr Bike Shifting Locks Out

This issue has occurred and been fixed before in 2023. I can’t find the release note for the last instance, but think it was June.

Mid-ride, the gearing will shift into 2x11 (the max for my profile) and then be locked for a few seconds before I am able to shift gear again. Other instances have required a power cycle of the bike to get control of the gears back. On one single case, the gear locked to 2x11, then counted down a cog every second to 2 x 1.

In the prior release note there was an issue with the Draft power-up locking Bike steering into the left channel and impacting shifting. I have observed this behavior suspiciously close to activating power-ups. This has happened 2-5 times a ride on the new routes, aligned with how many power-ups were granted/used.

My assumption is that the original bug has been re-introduced through a development branch with the new roads/graphics.

Shifting errors is a known, non platform related, Kickr bike issue…


There are many possible causes of a few shifting issues.

What I’m reporting here is one that doesn’t currently impact me on free rides without power ups or on other platforms.

I’ve also closed the loop with wahoo support and validated the hardware.

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