Jon's mix every day - overtraining?

Hi everyone,

So I’ve decided to reply to this thread again, because it’s been a while and I have another related question. So since I left this thread, I completed the 6wk beginner ftp program, but I honestly found it a bit boring and my ftp actually didn’t improve in the end. I then decided to do the 4wk ftp booster plan, which B_Gru_DIRT suggested and I’m doing ok on it but now, almost 2 weeks in, I’m noticing a physical symptom that worries me: I have this strange twitching (?) sensation just below my right chest. Is this indicative of overtraining? Is it possible that the 4wk ftp booster is too much for a beginner?

This whole cycling training thing is a bit confusing to me. Such a shame there’s no computer or program or app that can tell you exactly what you need to do in order to improve.

Other than this strange twitching sensation, I feel ok, I’m a bit cooked for sure but I actually like how that feels, makes your breathing feel really fresh and sleep like a baby.

Thanks for any replies.

I would suggest talking to your doctor.