Jersey selection in Garage

Like most Zwifters, I have a number of jerseys to select from. You should be able to hover your mouse pointer over a jersey and the nane of the jersey shows up rather than having to select that Jersey before you can identidy the Jerseys name. Or, the name of the Jersey is right below the Jersey. Again, rather than having to select that Jersey before it’s name appears.

Or an organizer, and or a drawer for less used ones? i just earned the Vegan jersey as a matter of pride and the Norseman. I can’t resist. I have 107 now. (Plus a huge bunch of codes for jerseys I decided not to get) About 25 or so were hard-earned jerseys for tours and such. I only wear about 5 of them on a regular basis. Perhaps recently worn can be first, then alphabetized the rest.
but, yes a vote for titles.


Seems sensible Edgar - maybe you should open a post in the Feature Request section or maybe a mod can move it there for you. I’ll vote for it when its moved.