It takes me between 5-10 tries to connect to Zwift

I have had trouble connecting recently on my PC. I always get the not responding message. I have to keep re-starting Zwift over and over. Is it because Zwift is suddenly so busy? Is it my PC? Would love some help. I’ve missed some group rides because of this…

I think it is windows 10 update that is causing this!

Meaning it will be with us for awhile. So I’d better start trying to log in about 30 minutes before my ride. What a waste of time because I have to stand there and keep on trying.

Windows 10 updated to latest version and no problems at all.

What is your system specs.

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AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
AMD 5700 xt

Don’t think so… was prompted to re-enter my P/W on two laptops, one updated, the other was not.

I did “remember” my P/W, so no really issue here.

Sorry you had trouble logging in…