Is there any way to reach more than 400 Watts with a supported classic trainer?

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Those power numbers that you are getting mean nothing (ie it is not close to real). The problem is that you can change the resistance knob of your exercise bike to 0 and Zwift would not know, and there is no way to calculate the power for a exercise bike because there is no power curve available.

The best will be to get a supported trainer and mount your bike on it.

If you want to use your exercise bike you will have to install peddals with a powermeter like Powertap P1’s.

have a look at this:

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Oh I know, but no matter what I do I can’t get above 400. I mean for my own knowledge, not for realistic competing obviously. I want to use it just for working out but if I can’t go above 400 by pedalling harder I can’t see the difference. I max out at 400 at like 80 RPM, lol. Let’s say I crank it up and want to “pretend” to put out more power, and want to see the simulated result on the screen, well it doesn’t matter cuz it sits at 400 if that makes sense.
I assume the only way is with a larger wheel.

Edit: Just to clarify, basically the issue is that there is no interactivity. I could be watching a video of a cycling avatar, because I can barely pedal and it just sits at 400 watts. I am wondering if there is some way to fix this without spending $700 on a power meter? Like some setting I missed or some cheaper power pod? I assumed there would be a way to set it up “custom” for issues like this, but not that I’ve seen, like a way to handicap your system to be more realistic.

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You can always crank up the resistance knob to setting 5 so that you have to stand to reach 400W and only be able to hold it for a second. 400w for 10min is totaly unrealistic if you are not a pro rider.

Look at the picture below this is the last 10km result of a Pro rider the finished in the top 5 of the KISS Super League.

This is the average power for the top ten riders.

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LOL, wow ok I see now. I read on here somewhere that the max was 1200 so I guess I should have looked up what a realistic amount of power is before assuming. What started me wondering is I was on a hill at one point and I suddenly couldn’t pass anyone, though the meter stayed at 400 watts.

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Is there anymore updates from zwift on this problem of not getting any higher than 400 watts

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Hi @Stephen_Fache: What trainer are you using, some trainers are Limited to 400w by Zwift.

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(Stephen) #28

Tacx blue matic, my last trainer which was a Elite chrono broke down,which I had no problems with ,so why are these limited to 400 watts?

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I don’t think there is a hard limit for that trainer It look like it is just the max Power that the trainer can simulate on setting 3. The Tacx will do about 290W at a wheel speed of 40km/h. Your old trainer could do 700w at 40km/h wheel speed.

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Back on zwift again this morning, the only way I could keep doing my training is to leave the setting as elite trainer on Zwift, then left the setting as three on the Tacx trainer,didn’t feel to much of a difference in resistance, at least it gets my watts up,might just need to save up for another new trainer or try and get the old Elite trainer fixed.