Is it worth upgrading from a computrainer

I been riding a computrainer for some time now (well over 10years now). My question is, would it be worth upgrading to new direct driver trainer or as the old saying goes “If it’s not broke don’t try to fix it.”

I have never used a computrainer however I ahve heard that some people have really good memories of it. That being said, if you really want to get the most out of what Zwift can be (dynamic and engrossing), then a direct drive smart trainer really lifts the bar on engagement really high.

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The upgrade has been life changing for me. I changed from computrainer to the top end Tacx about 18 months ago. The quiet, the accuracy, the never slip, the flywheel makes rollers and descents feel real. The benefits are so many. I will never go back to my compu trainers. The difference is significantly better. Makes me ride more and harder. Got way fitter in this last year than ever before.


I used a computrainer for 10 years. Just upgraded to wahoo kickr and climb. I like kickr quiet. I like not having to calibrate computrainer before each session. Climb keeps riding interesting. I do have some problems with kickr losing bluetooth for a out 5 to 10 seconds. Have to use phone and computer both to do zwift. I blew up 3 trainer tires in 10 years. Overall I feel kickr is worth it.

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I started Zwifting on a fluid trainer about 2 1/2 years ago. At the time I used a Kinetic trainer (dumb) and a powertap hub for power. When my trainer finally gave up I bought a smart trainer (Hammer) and it was such a game changer.
Zwifting on a dumb trainer is fine for training and fine for workouts but if you want the immersion get a smart trainer (there are some good sales on previous generations). The smart trainer requires you to be more into the game in my opinion. You have to plan for elevation changes, change gears, change cadence and work really hard sometimes.
With trainer difficulty setting at the upper end of the band those >10% grades can be very challenging, and enjoyable.
All that being said, if you just like the scenery then ride on, but prior to my smart trainer I was just as well off watching netflix while indoor training, now I am really into the game.

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