Is it too late to start your de zwift?

Hi I’m wondering if I can start tour de zwift today or tomorrow and still be able to complete it? I believe there are some catch-up sessions at the end but will there be enough?

If you start right now, the stage 4 rides are still available for another 14 hours. Assuming that you’re able to do the stage 5 to 8 rides during the standard times that they are available for the next few weeks, you’ll only have three stages to make up.

From the information that we have seen so far, the make-up period runs from 7 to 13 February, but we don’t know when the rides will be scheduled. You’ll probably be able to do it, but it depends on when you are free to ride.


Yes you can start still and finish on time. Might need to choose the shortest route for each stage, cat C, but would be a fun challenge.


Ok will get on it first thing in the morning. As a beginner shortest routes is all I’m after anyway :slight_smile: Thanks!