Irregular pedaling technique giving unexpected advantage



I am one of the KISS organiser’s and we have noticed in both our race and a ZTR race that one competitor is using a “interesting” pedaling technique to game the system / gain an unfair advantage. Given Zwift’s stance on using loop holes / programming oversights to gain an advantage previously (e.g. switching bikes whilst on the move) we felt we should bring it to your attention. Obviously I don’t want to call the person out in public but can provided data that should help you see what is happening.



(The Penski) #2

What is the pedaling technique?


Not completing a full rotation? Pedalling backwards?

(Steve C) #3

I would imagine hovering the crank-arm with the cadence magnet over the sensor and ‘flicking’ it backwards and forwards over it.


In real life, I descend with the cranks parallel and the left crank-arm is in line with the sensor. Just having the arm move up and down a fraction will have the computer momentarily record a cadence over 200 - very annoying. I guess they could use this with z-power to bring up the watts?

(. TomH..) #4

Hi all,

If you see someone behaving suspiciously, please use your app and Flag the rider as a ‘‘Flier’’. If we get large number of flags we will take appropriate actions. 

Thank you very much and Ride On!