Introducing the HoloReplay [2022]

Would be good to be able to choose to update your pb when a new one is set.
Have a pop up on the companion app like the end of a workout but showing accept or decline and it could auto accept after 30 seconds

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If you mean “best of current ride” type, as in race, workout, free ride, then absolutely this makes perfect sense.

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For those of you who have used Holo Replay, I’m curious how many of you are still using it. I found it sort of like a new in-game jersey - fun for a while and then it stays in the garage. I feel like I would be turning it on occasionally if there were a keyboard shortcut to enable it.

I had a weird experience today with holoreplays, while doing the custom length Three Little Sisters ZHQ race…

I continued after the race to get the route badge and I got two replays starting after I went through the Volcano Circuit banner (best and previous). I had visions of my avatar following the replays to do a lap of Volcano Circuit, instead of turning off right to do the final ~2Km of Three Little Sisters.

Thankfully, my avatar turned right and the replays vanished.

it is how it will always happen.

if you go through a banner i twill set off the holoreplay when there is one that starts from there regardless of the route you’re on.

I kinda just ignore it when I see it come up when I freeride. I just leave it on in case I do end up using it…


I like to Jersey hunt, so I leave the Holos on all the time. It guarantees that, except for the first time through, there’s always someone to sprint against.

And on KQOMs, it means there’s always someone to direct my anger at as they speed off up the climb, someone who’s not a real person :smiley:

(But seriously, I like them a lot, and I leave them on all the time, both PR and Recent.)

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I love it!!

Love it on KOMs, hate it for a full tour. So, for me a selection to switch it on/off for KOMs, Segments and full rides separately would be good.


I don’t see the benefit of having holoreplays generated from races, where draft is enabled, when the chances of experiencing similar draft levels in freeride are pretty low.


Hi, sorry if this is referenced elsewhere…

I love the HoloReplay feature and use Strava to track lifetime PRs on all rides and segments, however what I would find very useful is a list of my current 90-day PRs and their associated routes from within the Zwift or Companion App.

As HoloReplay only works with the last 90 days’ worth of PRs, I would like to be able to quickly check which PRs are about to drop out of this range so I can challenge them. It’s just a bit of a pain to go through all my rides in Strava, check the dates and rides etc, especially given it’s difficult to remember which segments are in which routes.


Are holoreplays enabled on all routes yet? At leat since the latest patch, they are not appearing on Innsbruckring for example.

I enabled leader board holo but none have showed up?
What does private mean?
If the leader is on private, then their holo won’t show up for me?
Is that why nothing showed up?

Do you have it enabled for your PR or last effort?

See this, maybe it’s not fixed yet

thanks. i will give it a try.

I’ve just ridden Volcano Flat 2 days in a row.

Today from the start only my HoloReplay for Hilly Route was visible.

This disappeared shortly (presumably when the routes diverged) and only then did my HoloReplay for Volcano Flat appear.

It always does that. :+1:

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Well at least I know I’m not the only one affected. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree with you… i don´t do structured workouts and i´m miles away from other users pace…

My main goal is to do the course a bit faster than in the last time… hoping to get better with time.

There are some routes in which you see the ghost rider trough out all the course… but some don´t…

I would love to know in which routes the ghost apear for all the routes…

I think this information from ZwiftInsider was correct at the time.

You could try the circuits/loops on the list of segments here.

You could look at the ZwiftPower segments list.

But I’m not sure how accurate any of those lists are.