Internal Server Error 400 / 403 (Clear your browser)

Worked perfectly for me. Thanks!

I’m not on windows but rather on Mac OS Catalina and I am getting the same message. I have done all the suggested steps and still to able to get in. Help!

Zwift is so horrible this time ! irresponsible, no solution !
There are so many annoyance from my staring zwift in Mid April: No title in activity feed (some have, some don’t have), error 404, error 500 …

Another one here, also screwed me. Reset all browsing data (a lot of which is data I wanted to keep).

Nothing. Still errors.

Yes, same problem here. It’s fine, just refund my subscription for the month and let me know when you have a service I can use.

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You need to explicitly clean up INTERNET EXPLORER, not Edge or Chrome or whatever. Apparently Zwift connects to Internet Explorer.

For me this solved the issue

Dave is a genious!!! Thank you !! It worked perfectly and I did not waste time, not even 5 minutes hehehe This man deserves a beer!!! lol


Still only working on phone, don’t fancy wiping safari cache on laptop so hoping it can be fixed at swift’s side sometime

If it’s a Win10 machine, it does have IE. Do a search (the magnifying glass to the right of the Win/Start button), search “internet explorer”, it will find it. You will probably get prompted to update IE, just ignore.

If you click on the solution at the top of the page you will see the full windows 10 fix.

This started more than a week ago. Obviously there’s a bug in the Win10/MacOS app, it’s not like all of a sudden all users’ cache got corrupted at the same time. Yes, there’s a workaround of sorts, but it’s a clumsy one at best (>90% of Win10 users are unaware IE still exists and is used regularly by apps on their machines).

So - any fix timeline?

Correct - opening IE and going into tools also works, you get to essentially the same place. But the posted solution has a lower risk of errors, less chances of opening the wrong browser or going “I don’t have IE on my machine”.

is there a way to fix this that doesn’t require me to delete all my internet passwords and data?

EDIT: I realized this is for Internet explorer so as long as that isnt the main browser (which why would it be) everything will be all good.

You’re actually using IE?

Or you’re on MacOS and using Safari?

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no I just realized it was for IE and not edge lol

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I am having the same issue. I have deleted and reinstalled including deleting all Zwift folders but I still get the Forbidden error or Internal Server error.

I also went into the security settings to allow Zwift the relevant access but the app is not appearing in the list of apps under files and folders. The app has been working fine and I have not updated the Mac recently.

Please advise

Try clearing your safari cache, cookies and history

That’s all been done but the error is still there. How do I contact Zwift?

At the bottom of the page there is a “contact us” button, go through all the prompts and eventually you will be able to send a message to support.

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I am having exactly the same issue as well! Very frustrating!