Indoor riding - recommended SPD-SL float

Considering the switch to SPD-SL pedals (PD-R8000) and noticed there are 3 cleat choices: red with 0 degrees of float, blue with 2 degrees and yellow with 6 degrees.

Any recommendations or experience la with the different options? I’m used to regular SPD pedals.

i like the 2 degree float but there isn’t really a need to use anything other than 6 (yellow) unless you have a specific reason to. it’s good enough for a lot of world tour riders

red, the fixed ones, i would only advise if you really know what you are doing with your bike fit

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What is it about the 2 degrees that you like?

i enjoy sprinting, so i like my foot position to be a little more fixed than the yellow cleats give. i think i’d be fine with yellows too, but i’ve been using the blues so long that it’s pretty much just force of habit.

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I love the blue version for all riding.

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Go with the 6 degree float unless you are paid to cycle…my foot angle changes according to fitness level, exhaustion level, and phases of the moon.