Indoor Cycling Equipment Deals

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I have compiled a lot of the current deals for indoor cycling trainers. There are some really good deals and I’d highly recommend purchasing some of these items now if you are looking to upgrade your set up. Complete list is available here: Save Big on Indoor Training Cycling Equipment - ZRace Central

Please let me know if anyone finds any other notable deals :slight_smile:

Note: some of these deals may only be for the US

Nicely done, thanks. I’ll point out that Saris still has the H3 and their wheel-on smart trainers on sale too.

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Garmin Canada has some sales going on right now for their Tacx trainers, and Edge-series bike computers. I’m hugely loyal to Tacx for quality and reliability (made in The Netherlands).

Despite the Zwift Hub being a big game-changer in the mid-tier (dead silent, auto-calibration, undercuts mid-high end by a long shot), I’m really torn on what I’d recommend to friends.

I think Garmin/Tacx is going to see considerable pressure to reduce prices on the Flux S if it doesn’t want to lose market-share.

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Saris H3 is £404 at Sigma Sports (UK) using code.

In fact, the code gives 10% off many prices. I’ve been lead to believe, but cannot confirm, you can only use the code for one basket and it may only work for existing customers.


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Huh, dat wist ik niet. Saris is bij mij in de buurt gemaakt, en ik hou van mijn H3 :slight_smile:

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you can pay £380 on ebay for a new one, there are three left since i just bought one… warranty registration key comes boxed with the unit so should be safe to buy, although who knows what the state of customer service is like for saris right now.

Nice. Added the Saris H3 to the list

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My god. Wahoo just set basically everything on their website on sale… I’ll get this post updated.

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if you live in Britain or the EU Wiggle has Tacx Neo 2 Special Edition Smart Trainer at 28% off.

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I just discovered that Kurt has a direct drive trainer…for $350USD. I have no idea about quality or performance or durability or anything, I just stumbled on it. The dumb Kurt trainers I’ve had in the past have been well made though.

EDIT: Not a smart trainer. Power, not controllable.

Oh wow! Never heard of this one but seems like a crazy good deal…

That’s what my H3 was at on that crazy sale Saris had, but it looks like the standard price. They describe is as ‘designed for beginners’, they don’t list the max wattage, and it runs on two AAA batteries, apparently…? But +/-3% accuracy, 60db, BT and Ant+.

Oh, wait. Bike rumor says it’s not controllable. And in fact that’s not listed on the Kurt product page either–I just assumed it would be, as a direct drive. So it’s not a fully smart trainer. That’s disappointing. (They do say 700w max fwiw.)

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