I wanted to Stay a bit longer in D


I started cycling early march, bought a new bike and hit the road. I’m 38, was always into sports but cycling is new. I ride 3-4 a week and started to build up to one hour trips, first it was at 25km average, after a month it was 30km. Because i’m new to cycling i found it hard to find people to ride with and i wanted a challenge so i bought a wahoo kickr and a zwift account. Rode a bit in the world, got my FTP and decided to try my first race. To my big surprise i won that D race. After that i got upgraded to C.
And here is the problem lol, i tought of enjoying racing a bit at the beginner category, learning the game a bit (zwift is a trainingtool but also a game for me).
I have tried 2 C races and i must say the pace is pretty high. I still enjoy racing but i have the feeling that the leveling up goes a bit too quick for me.
Sorry for my english lol.

Grtz Bart

Welcome on Zwift.
For more challenge and if you want to ride / race with other rider, you can joint a team. (Will be better for game experience)
By riding on the right category zwift game will be equitable for all riders.
Increase your game experience and try to progress.
Ride on !

Try one of the split car races… SZR Wednesday - TFC Mad Monday… the C- will suit you…

As @Alan_Wyers_Team_TFC join one of the split cat race series and give some of the cat enforcement races a try they are much better than non cat enforced

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Nevermind, i just won my first C race :grimacing::ok_hand:


Well i have made it to B cat, should be my end cat lol. Riding the bus lol