I got lapped in MAAP stage 3 within 1 lap... https://youtu.be/svbj9LJZ7gQ

I’m using Zwift for weight loss and fitness and thought I’d give the off the maap a go! Ended up getting lapped in 1 lap :see_no_evil:

If you have a spare minute and enjoy watching people suffer or just want to see me get lapped to make yourself feel better, check out the video I made

I watched your video. Keep riding, we’ve all been there. It gets easier and more fun as the fitness improves. Well done mate. Take it easy on the wine and stairs.

It gets easier…

Ehem :grimacing:

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Thanks for the advice :rofl: wine + stairs are not a good combo. I’m really enjoying Zwift at the moment so hopefully the fitness starts to improve with time and I’ll be able to ride quicker and for longer :+1:


I won’t hold my breathe :rofl:

Don’t take my word for it–ask Mr. LeMond :wink:

First, stop the self deprecating thinking!

Second, this not about being lapped. This is you vs. you! Your next ride make it a goal to ride a tenth further.

Remember, this is about your health.

Believe me, I know your story well as a disabled rider.

Stay Strong my friend!!

Ha thanks for the reassuring words you’re definitely right :slight_smile: probably should stop self deprecating. Do you mind me asking what disability you have? Don’t feel you have to answer if you don’t want I just find it really awesome to think you still push yourself and go through pain that even the most able bodied people aren’t willing to go through !

Really enjoyed the video. Inspirational!

I think you are way fitter than you give yourself credit for! Your ambition or enthusiasm is awesome, but that has a detrimental effect to your pacing! My advice (hope you don’t mind) would be to forget about maximum power as that can actually work against improving fitness and weight.

It might be useful to do an FTP test to help with pacing so you are not going off too quick all the time. We have all been guilty of that! In the beginning it feels like you are going to easy at the start of every ride, until you realise that you are way more comfortable and feel strong, sometimes stronger and stronger as the ride goes on.

After a while, it will become second nature and you will enjoy riding so much more!

It’s great that you have the HRM so that you can do recovery rides where you stay in zone 1 and 2. Easier rides should make up the majority of your time on the bike, but they are harder to do than fast rides in the beginning, because we falsely believe there is no benefit without pushing ourselves.

There is loads and loads of available information about this, but you probably know already!

Ride on!

I have to say, this is probably one of the most appreciated and most motivational comments I’ve had! I really appreciate everything you’ve said and completely agree. I’m planning on recording an FTP test soon. Will probably try the ramp test first as it sounds more appealing and then will go with the 20min test after :). I definitely struggle with pacing and going too quickly off the line trying to keep up with the skinny boys!

I’ve read a bit about this stuff so know a little, but I really do appreciate your comment and it has genuinely motivated me to continue on this journey! If you enjoyed the vids would appreciate if you could subscribe but equally understand if not :slight_smile: I plan on making more videos, and this has spurred me on just as much as a subscription if not more! You’re awesome. Thank you.

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