How to inspire a friend to get into Zwift who sees cycling as only for outdoors..!

So I have a pal going through some tough times at the moment. He’s a die hard road bike cyclist, commutes every day, loves long rides, touring etc. I am able to get him a good direct drive turbo for a reduced cost and think he’ll love the key elements of Zwift including the gamification, avatar, workouts, training, races etc. but equally know he may never get that far as he will be sceptical of using cycling indoors as a means of escapism in the lockdown/wfh environment. ‘If I want to cycle I’ll go outside for fresh air’, I can see it now.

What I want to do is send him a couple of links, ideally videos or light touch articles with pictures that really lay out all the key elements listed above that he can easily digest. Me trying to sell the tech to him might be counter productive but if he can see if for himself that would be ideal. I’ve seen a few decent GCN videos I can use but anything specifically that one could recommend would be great. Almost like a ‘Zwift for dummies’.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts/suggestions.

Once people have the anti zwift attitude it’s hard to bring them around. If a global pandemic didn’t do it I doubt much will.

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Take a look at some of the videos on the GP Lama YouTube channel and see if you find anything interesting there.

I think it depends on what the person is looking for out of riding a bike. I certainly like riding outdoors but I have discovered that my workouts are much better indoors for the time available. My fitness has only gotten better since I bought a smart trainer and started using Zwift, which makes my rides outside a piece of cake.