High speed but low W/KG?

I was going up the volcano this morning, i was doing between 3 and 3.5 w/kg and someone flew past but they were only doing 1 to 1.5 w/kg. they were going about double my speed and did so for all of the climb.

why would this be? I guess bike/wheel choice plays a part but it should make someone go twice as fast for half the w/kg should it?

I don’t really mind, i was doing a workout and never going to get any KOMs or anything at the best of times, was just curious really.

Bet they were in a group workout or meetup with “keep everyone together” enabled.

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they just seemed to be with one other person - they were both doing the same speed so maybe but the other person wasn’t doing much more in terms of power.

yes it seem like the 46km/h (29mph) bug.

I have been seeing it more often lately again.


yeah that probably explains it - there were just two of them that were going the exact same speed.

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