High-End Trainers

I am toying with the idea of getting a higher-end trainer to replace my Kickr Snap.

I am pretty happy with the Kickr Snap, except for the fact that I have to do a spin-down every time I use it becasue of it being a wheel-on trainer.

I was wondering, out of the top three, Elite Drivo, Wahoo Kickr and Tacx Neo, do any of those trainers offer the ability to jump on and not bother with a spin-down every time without sacrtificing accuracy for each ride, or are spin-downs preety much required for all trainers, no matter how “high-end” thjey are?

Suggest you head over to DC Rainmaker’s site and read the reviews. I’m very happy with my new Cycleops Hammer and it’s power is very close to my power meter. I do a spindown about once per week. I’ll likely extend this out once I’ve had it a bit longer. I’ve had a Kickr Snap and found the power very inaccurate despite doing numerous regular and advanced spindowns.

Just for the record, Tacx Neo and Elite Drivo do not require spin downs but neither of them have flywheels like the Hammer and the Kickr. 

I have a Tacx Neo and I couldn’t be happier with it.  (So far)

I agree with Fez. The Tacx Neo is fantastic. You simply plug it in and ride. Periodic updates are managed with the Tacx Utility app. It is easier to use than my old dumb trainer because I don’t need to adjust the rear wheel/flywheel friction or pump up the rear tire to ensure good contact with the flywheel before every ride.

I use a Wahoo Kickr Power trainer and only do a spin-down every couple of months.  After the first spin-down (big change on that one) there have no noticeable changes after a spin-down. It seems to play well with my MacBook Pro using ANT+.