(peter hughes(c.s.c.c)) #1

i  get error code z112 line 594 patch cpp any know how to fix it thanks

(Stephen Higgins) #2

I don’t know what that means, but have you ever been to https://zwiftalizer.com/ and uploaded your log file? Quite useful

(peter hughes(c.s.c.c)) #3


(peter hughes(c.s.c.c)) #4

uploads and upgrades but wont go any further due to error code


(Stephen Higgins) #5

Oh, so you’re not even getting to ride? Maybe try uninstall reinstall?

(peter hughes(c.s.c.c)) #6

ive done that already still getting error code z122 line 492 patch.cpp

(peter hughes(c.s.c.c)) #7

I think its got something to do with 3gig memory and hard drive specs say 4 gig on both