Help with s training program

Hi, I’m new to zwift and I’ve a basic turbo trainer set up with an apple tv. I’m using the app to get myself fitter for a potential new role at work where it is required that I reach a bleep test level of plus level 8…I don’t like running the streets hence why I’ve gone for the bike option. I’ve set myself a Dailey goal of at least 30k and I’m selecting random routes which include hills and sprints as well as flats… is this the right approach… I seem to be on the bike for over an hour each day and am well tired after each ride… I’ve approximately 6 to 8 week target date for my test. At the minute i would guess I’m at around level 6 on the standard 15 m bleep test… any advice please.

Hi @Andrew_PARKER5,

I had to look up what a bleep test was, sounds like a good form of torture. Curious what job would require this, public safety officer, fire fighter?

Anyway, since it is a running test I would think you want to work on some VO2 max sprints. I’m not a coach, so don’t take my advice, but I also think that you should probably do some running as it is a different type of motion and requires different muscles than riding a bike. I can ride my bike for hours at a time, but ask me to run for 30 minutes straight and I will probably fail.

If the bleep test is a running test then you should run. I love bike riding and it will help your overall fitness, weight loss, aerobic conditioning, VO2 max, etc but the truth of the matter is that the more specific you are in training to your test the better your results. I never expect to be better at swimming by riding a bike as an example. Yes I will overall fitter but I will not be a better swimmer.

Even within cycling training should be discipline specific, track sprinter, time trial, MTB XCO, road stage racer (GC), crit racer, etc will have have different training plans that primarily target different energy systems and power durations.

Reviewing what that bleep test is I would also strongly recommend practicing the test itself. That test requires more than just running and requires a bit of lateral movement due to the direction changes. Bike riding does not provide for any lateral movement training at all. It is by nature very static. At a minimum if a job were on the line I would be practicing the test for at least 30 minute sessions 3-4 times a week if my body could handle it and add on other endurance easy pace runs in between possibly trying to work up to 5 total workouts a week.

Good luck to you!