Help with category

I seem to be stuck in category A but my critical power is nowhere near that. Think it got messed up when my son had a go and put his weight in as 30 kg unknown to me.
Can you help or will I drop back down to B as I do more events?

Try contacting and explain it to them.

Also if your child is 15 or under they can have their own free account.

Will do. Thanks for the help.

Hopefully ZwiftPower will sort out your problem.

However your son riding at 30kg should have absolutely no bearing on your race category unless he was able to put out better raw watts numbers than you already had at the key power/times.

When you say you are stuck at Cat A it looks like ZwiftPower still shows you as Category B.

If he changed the weight to 30kg and and then Ryan rode without realising this is exactly what I would expect to happen.

Ryan email the team and we’ll definitely sort it for you.

Thanks. The team sorted it so quickly! I’m back in B.

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