Incorrect Race category

Don’t know if anyone can help but I let my 14 year old daughter try Zwift 3 times changing to her weight and height. I have changed it back as I now want to go racing but I’m have been categorised as an A+ rider which is patently not suitable for me. I did not do a ride at the incorrect weight or height and my daughter was not pushing to say the least. I am now prevented from joining a team unless I can get re categorised. Zwift support is a little unhelpful. Can anyone here help me?

Only Zwift support can help you actually.

And what you’ll be told otherwise to do is get your daughter her own child-specific Zwift account.
Zwift’s account policy is that it’s for one person, and one person only.

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In what way?

Hi no i don’t seem to be able to get the email address I just keep going round in circles on FAQ’s and they don’t seem to quite cover it. If Zwift say tough I have to wait 90 days then so be it but it would be nice if I didn’t.

Thanks for the replies though.
Ride on

For this specific support question, email

Your daughter can have a free Zwift account of her own

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Very similar to this post.

In the second post of the linked thread you will see the ZwiftPower contact link. If you use that and explain again they should be able to sort it for you.

In theory allowing your daughter to ride at her own weight should have no bearing on the category calculation unless:
She sets some new PBs for you.
You did ride and set some new PBs at her weight (which you say you didn’t do and I see no evidence that you did)

It looks like the only Zwift rides since 9th May may have been your daughters. This means you possibly have no power metrics in last 90 days which are your own. [could you post your Fitness and peak power profile?]

Have you tried putting in a 30 plus minute ride of your own and see if this changes your Peak Power numbers and gets you a new category calculation?

Edit : looks like Paul beat me to it !

It shows this, it looks like she had been trying hard fora few seconds but nothing more than 5 second effort over the cat A threshold.

  • Peak Power

5 sec291 w5.2 w/kg

  • 29/05/2023, 09:17:05

  • 30 sec223 w3.98 w/kg

  • 19/06/2023, 17:23:49

  • 1 min183 w3.27 w/kg

  • 19/06/2023, 17:23:49

  • 3 min146 w2.61 w/kg

  • 19/06/2023, 17:23:49

  • 5 min137 w2.45 w/kg

  • 19/06/2023, 17:23:49

  • 12 min113 w2.02 w/kg

  • 29/05/2023, 09:17:05

  • 20 min104 w1.86 w/kg

  • 30/05/2023, 08:23:16

  • 30 min100 w1.79 w/kg

  • 30/05/2023, 08:23:16

Thanks Paul, I have definitely learned my lesson and she will be riding on her own account from no on. Thank you.

Thank you for posting these figures. I’m not sure how Zwift could consider those peak power numbers to be A+ category.

Do contact but it might just be quicker to go out and do a hardish Zwift group ride and that should reset your Peak Power numbers and category.

Thank you, I have already made contact and I will go on Zwift again. I forgot to post the fitness, this shows my vo2 to be very very high

Fitness metrics estimated by Zwift over a rolling 90 day period.

  • zFTP


  • Estimate of your current Functional Threshold Power (FTP), the power you can sustain for a long period of time, i.e. > 40 min.

  • zMAP


  • Estimate of your Maximal Aerobic Power, i.e the power at which you achieve peak oxygen consumption in a short duration effort 4-6 min.

  • VO2max


  • Estimate of your maximal oxygen uptake relative to your current weight expressed in ml/kg/min. (Assumes a fixed cycling efficiency)

VO2 max is no longer a factor when determining your category so you can ignore that.

Your weight is averaged across all the PRs so you may need to do a little math to understand where you are in terms of W/kg for zMAP and zFTP.

Ok, the 319 and 399 are left overs from when you last had your own rides which went across to ZwiftPower. I am in an off season and have had the same myself.

Your zFTP and zMAP figures are not automatically calculated ( or at least downgraded) when your Peak Power numbers drop out of the 90 day window.

I found if I wanted my Fitness scores of zFTP and zMAP to be recalculated I needed to do a ride which registered in ZwiftPower.

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Thanks for the replies, you guys are really great. Looks like I need to do ride and see what happens.

Thank you again.

These power numbers look like C at best.

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So why would his zMAP be so high if all the other numbers are average C?
Is that VO2 max calculated for his daughter?
Why are all the good things wasted on the youth?!!!

I’ve been tracking my VO2 max (I know the calculation has errors) but it seems almost impossible to budge. I’m stuck mid 40’s.

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I can’t tell what happened. Looks like the weight it’s using in the calculations is about 56kg. The PR numbers are quite low, not even C. How they got from there to zFTP 399W is a mystery, but at 56kg that would definitely be A+. Very odd. The PRs are also quite old.

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