Help a newbie out please :)

Hey, first post here - Apologies if it’s in the wrong place.

Im looking to set up a Wahoo KICKR Smart Turbo Trainer with my Trek Domane AL 2.

However, I can see that the Wahoo comes with an 11-speed cassette.

My Trek runs an 8-speed cassette.

Will my current bike work with the Wahoo as is, or will i need to do anything to make it run ok?

Any guidance is really appreciated :slight_smile:


You will want to get the same size cassette for the kickr and use spacers to get it to fit properly. Your local bike shop should be able to help.

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Also, check out the very similar discussion in a recent thread: 8 Speed Cassette Wahoo Kickr Core
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Thanks Mike. I’ll give them a call

Thanks Roule! Appreciate the guidance.

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