Heart rate monitor limits

Please create ability to set upper/lower bpm limits which will create an alert. Zwift already monitors bpm transmitted from the hear rate monitor.

My cardiologist wants me to keep below 160bpm. Watching the tiny numbers on the screen detracts from the enjoyment of the ride. Being able to pre-set limits would be fantastic!

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Since you probably need this now, I recommend using a cycling computer (or smart watch) such as a Garmin to set the limits and alerts. Who knows if Zwift will ever do that so you may as well have it now if you can afford the necessary equipment.


I would prefer to avoid the cost of more equipment. Zwift already has heart rate bpm details in real time. Setting limits is the next logical step for older riders that need to be careful.

It’s a completely reasonable request, but chances of them doing it in a short amount of time, or at all, are pretty low. Very few feature requests get any action, and when they do it sometimes takes years. If you need to take care of yourself now, you’ll need to take matters into your own hands somehow.

Paul, I agree with your common sense. Happy Holidays, Dave

This feature would make my Zone 2 (HR) training much easier. I use an app on my phone to give me audio alerts so it works well when I listen :headphones: to music but it is not free and the rest of the app is crap.

Steve, I agree that HR training in Zwift would be much easier than trying to combine multiple apps.