Edit heart rate zones

(Joost Slijkoort) #1

When finishing a workout, a heart rate distribution graph is shown. The problem is: the zones in this graph are way off from my actual zones (that i have entered in Strava for example).

Is there a way to define my custom zones?

(. Bath Salts (84Kg) (EV) C) #2

Yes you can set your Max HR in Zwift, I think that what your asking for.

(Joost Slijkoort) #3

No, i am asking for custom zones. At the moment the zones are automatically calculated on you max HR, which is the problem. I want to customise them.

(Doug Beckett) #4

Me too!  My HR histogram after the ride only goes up to 165 bpm - so I assume I want to edit a parameter somewhere for max HR. But, that’s the only place I’ve noticed it.

Otherwise, to which HR zones are you referring? I assume the coloured zones displayed during the ride are based on power as percentage of FTP, not HR?

(Doug Beckett) #5

And where can I edit max HR?  That would be a start.

(Mark Bailey) #6

Same here. I would like to customize my HR zones.

(Andy Shaggy WBR (C)) #7

Did anyone find how to manually add heart rate max? Cheers

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #8

Hi everyone,

You can updated your max HR in the User Profile screen within the Zwift application itself. Same place you can update your FTP, your height/weight, and more.


(Camille King) #9

My user profile only has weight / height and email address. Dont see where I can enter my heart rate zones.

(Paul Allen) #10

Within the Pause Menu in the game you can make the change, not the website.

(Camille King) #11


(Bob McGee [TFC] (D)) #12

Start a ride, hit pause.  Ate the top, near your name, you will see an orange pencil icon. Clcik it.  From there, you can change Max Heart rate, FTP and weight.


I wish these were avaialbe to be entered/modified on the website.

(Vicente Nogueira) #13

I also want to update my heart rate zones (using my L1 and L2 heart rate thresholds measured at a stress test).

(Manuel Oberti) #14

If 2 people have the same MAX HR with Zwift have the same HR zone…but it’s not true.

They may have different HR ZONES but can not be modified

(w. mxbikes.com.br) #15

I would like to put my specific heart rate zones, not just the max HR.

It’s possible?

(Brian Schwind) #16

How do you edit Heart Rate ZONES (Not just max) in Zwift?

(Jonas Benoit) #17

I have a different heart rate zone like zwift propose by my max heart rate. How can you change those HR zones?

(J D Ramsey) #18

Hello there Zwift.  You have quite a few riders - including me - wanting to add specific HR zones.  Can we do it or not?

(New Scot (C) ODZ Euro Decaf lead) #19

So you can’t do it. I know that.
Can we simply add it to the feature list please