Heart Rate Controlled Resistance

What are thoughts on an option to control resistance based on heart rate? Sure, there would have to be some filtering, and max resistance over time, or there would be large spikes, but, it seems this would be more beneficial to training?

Now, it seems there are two options, pure watts, or FTP based. A THIRD option for HR controlled resistance seems like it would be a good addition, no?

I train with HR all the time and I see no benefit to having resistance controlled by your HR. All you have to do is know your HR Zones and stay within them. It’s not that hard since a HR zone can be around 20bpm. Another thing is that HR tends to lag behind.

I think Jordan Rapp (he is an ex-pro triathlete and works with Zwift on the workout side) wrote up a long explanation on why having resistance within Zwift is not a good idea, I would have to do some searching for it.

Sometimes it would be nice but only on those long slow rides. When you’re doing interval workouts it’s (almost) useless. When doing lsd rides for +2h for example, then it could be a plus. Ideal for some aerobic decoupling numbers. But i don’t think that this request will get many votes. I’ll give one but i don’t really need it. There’re other ways for calculating aerobic decoupling.