Heart Rate Controlled Resistance

What are thoughts on an option to control resistance based on heart rate? Sure, there would have to be some filtering, and max resistance over time, or there would be large spikes, but, it seems this would be more beneficial to training?

Now, it seems there are two options, pure watts, or FTP based. A THIRD option for HR controlled resistance seems like it would be a good addition, no?

I train with HR all the time and I see no benefit to having resistance controlled by your HR. All you have to do is know your HR Zones and stay within them. It’s not that hard since a HR zone can be around 20bpm. Another thing is that HR tends to lag behind.

I think Jordan Rapp (he is an ex-pro triathlete and works with Zwift on the workout side) wrote up a long explanation on why having resistance within Zwift is not a good idea, I would have to do some searching for it.

Sometimes it would be nice but only on those long slow rides. When you’re doing interval workouts it’s (almost) useless. When doing lsd rides for +2h for example, then it could be a plus. Ideal for some aerobic decoupling numbers. But i don’t think that this request will get many votes. I’ll give one but i don’t really need it. There’re other ways for calculating aerobic decoupling.

I want this feature so badly!! Anyone who says it isn’t useful has never trained with heart-rate based resistance. The ability to pin your heart rate is essential to Maffetone training. You can’t always be looking at the screen and you cant always be modifying your output based on whatever a workout throws at you. The software/hardware we are using accommodates ERG mode so it seems like it would be a simple addition. ZWIFT, PLEASE add this feature!! I had it on my Tacx setup and I loved it. Zwift is a much more robust and dependable program but it lacks this one ESSENTIAL feature.

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I train exclusively with HR and I see no value in this request. My coach gives me a range to stay in and it really is not that difficult, even when not looking at the screen.

HR and swing depending on a lot of different factors and having Zwift control resistance based on it is not a good idea. Another thing is that there can be a lag with HR.

Not saying that this Feature will not get implemented, but I see it as having little value.

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the old tacx tablet app used to be able to do this - if you have a tacx trainer i think you can still find the apk online (if you use android) and side load this - you could then use that app to control the trainer and connect to zwift just as power and not as a controllable trainer.

bit of a weird workaround but might work?

found a link to the apk - https://apkpure.com/tacx-cycling-app/com.tacx.tacxcycling

Are you telling me this is why you haven’t been on Zwift for a long time?