Hardest Workouts

Just wondered what people thought the toughest workouts are?
Recently finished the build me up program and was fine through most of that and previous workouts. I had a half decent jump in ftp after but since then Iv only done a few workouts and found 2 of them really hard.
1st one I struggled with was the Mat Hayman Paris-roubaix, this was tough but I was tired so had to lower the level a little to finish it.
Then I recently tried the McCarthy special and dam that was hard, again I took 2% off after the first interval but then for intervals 2&3 I had to pause for a min before the final effort each time

Popular opinion of the McCarthy Special is that if you can complete it using your current FTP setting, then you really have a higher FTP.

I haven’t done enough Zwift workouts from the list to comment on the hardest.
I think that answer depends on how you are feeling at the time.
TSS doesn’t always tell the whole story.

Some people excel at VO2 intervals, some at 40/20’s, some at SST.

GC Coaching’s “The Shinnick” looks pretty difficult.

That makes me feel better as it felt impossible to complete it in one go. Suppose at least I have a benchmark now and will try it again in a few weeks

The hardest one I ever did was 2x25 minutes at FTP+10. I was practically crying by the end of the second interval.

How much rest between the two 25min intervals? If the rest interval is pretty short, being able to do 50min at FTP+10 implies that your FTP could probably be bumped up by 5W, just my two cents.

Probably right! Although 95% of that was just under my FTP.

5 minutes at Z2 between the intervals.

Either way, it was disgusting.

Wringer & McCarthy are my 2 personal favs when you wanna smash ur legs :wink:

I had to turn down Paris-Roubaix at the and, but with McCarthy I thought there was no way that someone with a correct FTP could finish it. Some of the GCN workouts are tough—SUPER Fast was absurdly difficult.