Handling wattage drops less painfully

Im using a CycleOps H2 trainer to a very nice PC, however it seems like there are 2-3 days a week where gremlins enjoy causing my trainer to stop sending info for a few seconds every now and then. Very rarely, I will have a day where I basically have to exit and restart the computer + unplug everything, replug it, just to cover all the bases and try to get it to act right.

Now, sometimes this causes me to have a segment in a workout failed or half star. No big deal. Other times, I will be going up a steep incline and the disconnect, although short, almost immediately drops me to 0mph and now I have to start back up from 0mph.

Today I was holding on to a group during the stage race and paying for it but hanging tight, but I suffered a dropout in power out of nowhere and was just immediately dusted from the group. This is demoralizing at best, infuriating at worst.

Is there a way to have it ‘ramp’ down the wattage when there is packet loss instead of just going to a hard 0 or is there no way for it to distinguish between me suddenly stopping pedaling and a signal interruption? Or is there just too much potential for abuse?