Group Workout after Workout naming bug


I did two workouts back to back on Sunday 2nd December. I completed the first group workout (4x2 Sprint Ramps), which then reverted to freeride, then joined the second group workout directly (WBR Zwift-a-thon #4) however when saving the last ride, it named the second ride as the same as the first group work out name (4x2 Sprint Ramps). I ended up with two activities with the same name.

TACX T2800 NEO August 2016 (approaching 400+hours) AC Powered 0.2.1/0.74/0.8.4
AppletTV 4K
BLE with Tacx Neo and Wahoo Tickr HR or Tickr Fit HR
**Latest Zwift Version: (as of Sunday 2nd Dec)
using BLE from Android Phone (also running companion app) with BLE BOSE Headphones
Using Fans with 2,4Ghz wireless remote
5GHz Wifi Connection with 3rd party TPLINK VR900 Router running 5GHZ and 2.4GHZ WiFi networks (very reliable) - 70MB/20MB EE Fibre Connection (Very reliable)

I have the same problem, but in my case I first did a workout (GPLama Ultimate Warmup) and the from after the worked joined a race. This made Zwift save both the warm-up and the race with the same title “GPLama Ultimate Warmup”.

I also have this issue. when I do my pre race workout my race gets the workout name as title.