Group leader - Yellow beam

Hi Guys

Myself and a few colleagues run a Sub 2.5 group ride on a Tuesday 6.55 pm GMT and love what you guys have created here but wanted to ask about future development.

We understand the limitations of using the beam as only one could be in use on course and any one time and a good friend of mine (on Zwift) Joachim Taelman runs the Sub 2 group on course around the same time 7.00 pm GMT.

The dev I think we would like to see is using the ‘Ride with’ function so that you only see the beam for that person/leader. That way the ride leader would have a beam visible only to the people that have selected to ride with him/her.

You must get loads of requests but I believe sticking to someone you are riding with is the next dev i would like to request. Especially as you are continuing to expand the course and possible turns. This would also help anyone starting a little later or with a malfunction catch up to the group.

Its a fantastic product and is growing in rider numbers. Finding each other will be become more of a requirement in the future.

Thanks Team Zwift and keep up the good work



I’ve joined up with a group ride that started well after I was riding, so I wouldn’t wan’t to not see the ride leader beam since I started early.  Maybe that isn’t what you mean though.

It seems to me that they could introduce different colors for overlapping rides because the limit with only one leader at a time doesn’t seem vital.  I do think it would be nice to have some way to affirm your inclusion in the group ride and just see fellow riders of the group.  I’ve always felt that the abbreviation letters in the last name was a bit of a workable hack, but not ideal.

I agree with Dave Bibby and Duane… I also help out with the 2.5 group…with shared group leader duties on the rides…if we did get the rider beam option  I think a different colour beam would make it clear enough to differentiate between other rides that were taking place at the same time…


Hi all, 

We are coming out with the new group ride module soon which will make everything easier and will be only improving in future as the number of group rides is nothing but increasing. I can assure you that our team is doing all they can to make it as easy as possible to join a ride, to be able to see the leader and also working on many more features. 

Please be patient, stay tuned and Ride On!

Thanks TomH it sounds like you have a plan and looking forward to any developments/improvements you guys at Zwift think are the right for the future.

Thanks again and Ride On!


Hi guys.  I’m quite interested in the Sub 2.5 Tuesday group.  Is the aim to ride 2.0 to 2.5 continually ?  How long do you ride for and is 2.5 a limit on hills too ?  Which course ?

Might see you tonight at 6.55 pm GMT.

Hi Andrew

We aim to stay at 2.5 or under all the way. However on some of the inclines we ask not to go over 3. We do have some members who like to fly off but i tend to just let them go!

Its four laps of Watopia Flat (but you can do whatever you wish)

Please wear the green jersey Basic Kit 2

All details can be found here

Thankyou.  If this works with my timings tonight then I’d love to join.  It’s at the edge of my limits so I may just do a lap / then get dropped.

Do you have many join ?  Will check the facebook page once home.

The link above just takes me to an expired page.  I’ll aim to be at the start line in the Basic Kit 2 at 6:55. Flat course.

I think the ride is named wrongly.  Could it be renamed to “above 2.5” or “sub 6” ?

I rode the 4 laps, but was dropped on the flat sections just starting lap 3 as I was “only” doing 3 w/kg.

Seems pointless to me that so many good riders purposely join a group they are too good for, just to decimate the field to prove how great they are.

I was especially tickled by one comment near the end “don’t wait for the leader - just ride on”.  Noone had listened to or waited for the leader the entire hour so it’s not as if they were going to start then !

Dave, were you leading / wearing a different Jersey ?  I couldn’t access the facebook page you linked but I’d like to try this again another week with the view to knowing where the leader is and staying with them.