Graphics card and building Zwift PC

Grrr. :frowning:

It’s hard enough to get graphics cards without people stealing them to use in mining rigs.

Ok, call me fickle, I changed my mind again. I bought the used 960 for $120CAD. I plugged it in to test it (I had to open up another pc I have which does have a 6pin power adapter to supply power to it), it works and I can select up to 4K in the Zwift menu. I selected the 1440 option since my tv is 1080P. It looks ok, I see better lighting and rider shadows.

I’ll have to get a really long network cable, ant+ dongle and a new power supply or 6 pin adapter thing and then I should be able to try it out for real!

One of the things that changed my mind was looking into upgrading the rest of the system. It would be about $500CAD incl tax for a i3 (10th gen), motherboard, power supply, 8gb ram and ssd drive. That price could be bought down by $100 if I live with my existing hard drive and memory.


Your existing memory won’t fit; you’re on DDR3 and the 10th gen board will take DDR4. I’d see how you get on with just the 960 for now. As mentioned before the only thing you’d benefit from is frame rate performance in busy areas and group rides etc. Well worth grabbing a cheap SSD though.

PS: make sure you follow the Nvidia settings guide on the group. :wink:

Thanks @Dave_ZPCMR for giving me the kick up the backside to do it. I got the used gtx960 and a new power supply, ssd drive and ant + dongle and it’s all ready to go tomorrow. I’ve done a brief ride and it looks awesome. I may get a new processor in the new year, but for now goodbye Apple TV remote and hello hi def!


I got a used GTX970 about two months ago. Its in an old Sandy Bridge i5. Picked up my kickr core and get my cassette this week. Can’t wait to fire up the system for a little riding.

Maybe Thanksgiving weekend. Will let you all know how it looks.

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It’ll look great. Expect about 25fps on Neokyo with that CPU though. :confused:

I’m.only trying for 1080p. I will build a new pc over the next year and will use the low end i3 and windows 11. Probably closer to the end of next year.

The 970 is fine for 60fps in 4K with an overclock… in most places. Resolution doesn’t matter when you’re CPU bound, which is what happens on Neokyo.

Thanks for the info. I may have to use my wife’s new laptop which is a i5 with Xe graphics. Maybe give up resolution to get fps until I can build the new PC.

Is Neokyo even worse than the rest of Makuri then?

Significantly worse, yeah. See here: Game performance on Makuri Islands - #49 by Dave_ZPCMR

This is vaguely reminding me of a major Flight Sim software (the oldest one) when it was in beta and the enormous computer requirements it had.

The promo videos for that were recorded at roughly 5-10fps. The beta versions we had were very unstable. They figured at the time processor clock speeds would continue up, but instead everyone went multi core. They were a cool team developing that however.

Simplest solution is to use Apple TV even though it looks very low res and low detail.

I’m lucky that my setup with a fairly old Mac does work very well even in neokyo.

I’m pondering ordering a RX5700 video card as a spare just in case the RX 580 fails - I cannot use any of the 6000 series, not compatible.

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