got any Dumb Trainer Tips for a Noob...

Ive only done 2 rides…  Just wondering…  What should I be doing on a dumb trainer on Climbs with my gearing to best simulate real world?

In General…It seems to me that the best thing for me to do is just get on someones wheel and try to keep up with someone thats a bit faster??  Seems to give me a great workout.  Is this ok?  Frowned upon?  Just wondering the etiquette…

Appreciate any other tips of for a beginner…


First, Good thread to make sure your classic trainer is reading as optimally possible.

I would do a FTP test in Zwifts free workout choices to get a good idea of what your FTP is.

Read this to get information on your training zones.

Normally the great climbers on zwift can consistently hold 3-5 w/kg. Your w/kg is displayed under your name on the right hand of screen.

Good way to improve your climbing is 3 by 4-5min at Level 5 (vo2 max)

If you really want to know your real numbers you need a smart trainer or power meter or both.

Hope I made some sense

Ride On!

I have a classic trainer and I just make sure I’m in the hardest gear possible when ascending a hill. I also will increase my w/kg to simulate the climb. Zwift will make adjustments for your speed based on the climb to keep everyone on a level playing field.


i don’t know i’m a novice too but if i’m in a race and someone is drafting without ever taking a turn in front its kind of annoying but if i’m just out riding then i don’t care.