Glowing Saddles and Red Lights?

I have read every manual and article I can find, but nowhere can I find out what the glowing saddles and the red rear facing light symblize, Can anyone tell me?

The red light is the same as you use on your b8ke when you ride at night.

The glowing saddles - I think you are referring to the yellow/orange arrows when you approach a intersection, it shows what direction the rider will turn .


Why don’t all the riders have red lights? The glowing saddle is different than the turn indicators.

Can you post a picture. Then I can try to help.

If you ride in the dark you will see the red lights.

Most times at ‘night’ I have a red taillight, just like the other riders around me. Sometimes, though, it appears to be a white taillight. And yet other times it appears to be just a sort of glowing blob near the saddle.

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I get a white rear light sometimes too. I’ve never noticed a glowing saddle, but plenty of glowing jerseys and legs… =)

I posted a photo. The rider on the right has a glowing saddle, the rider on the left does not.

That is the Zwift Carbon bike, it has a white saddle.

I don’t think that saddle is glowing, it is just a white saddle that is reflecting the sunshine in the desert.

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Got it, thanks!

The graphics engine does that sometimes, it’s a lighting/texture colour effect I think. Sometimes it’s jerseys or even legs as in these examples: