Ghost race mode

Hey guys!
Just a thought here. How fun would be a “Ghost race mode” where I (or a team) could challenge a bot or any zwifter in any given circuit / distance?
The challenges can be saved and the other zwifter / team can take it whenever they can afterwards.
Like mario kart but in zwift!
Hope this is useful.

See ya!

Been requested many many times.

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We’re definitely moving in this sort of direction. Stay tuned for more updates.


Ooh, you’re such a tease.

Wouldn’t be surprised if either the Climb Portals or Repack Ridge had leaderboards like James hinted at.

With the recent changes to Robo pacers id guess the ability is there to go race again and see if you can improve - Or even drop into any other previous race and give it a try. It would be more of a race simulation as no one will react to your input but its an option.

You might try racing your own ghost.

I did that last week on the jungle Circuit, I think that loop is perfect to chase your past records.

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Being able to pick a previous race I have done and race it again, not just against my own ghost, but all of the racers ghosts, including the draft, would be awesome.