Getting "Internal database error" when updating activities

When using the update activities button on the activities page, I get an ‘internal database error’. Help?

Hi @D_Niemeier, Welcome to Zwift forums!

Is this error coming from the Zwift companion or the Zwift app? This week we released a new game version 1.62.0. I would recommend you check if it’s available on your device. If so, please follow these stepss to update it. Once this is done please, try again to update your activity. If the issue persists please send us a screenshot and any additional information that can help us to better investigate the error received.

It’s happening in zwiftpower.

Hi @D_Niemeier welcome to Zwift forums!

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. We’re investigating the error message on ZwiftPower. Thanks for flagging this up.

My last Activity showing in the Activities tab in Zwift Power is dated 26th March, and later activities are not showing despite being visible in Zwift and Zwift Companion.

When I click Refresh Activities I see ‘Internal Database Error’.

The missing activities are all set to Public in Zwift. I am only running Zwift on one device (iPad) and have never had any wifi issues or indications that the files haven’t saved correctly at the end of the

I noticed there was maintenance on 25/26th March, possibly there’s a link.

Is there anything I can try?