Game Update - May 28th, 2020

When will update be available in europe

Done that. Shame they refuse to acknowledge it, especially as its one of the most popular requests…


Hi @Alex_Lipnitskiy, regardless of what route you choose from the main menu, you will always have the option to turn at intersections. If you want to remain on the route you selected simply ignore the turn signs, Zwift will automatically put you on the correct route. Should you decide mid way through that you want to turn and go somewhere else, you always have the option.

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Totally agree. They’ve openly said they’ve struggled to complete for programmers, it doesn’t take much reading between the lines to realise why. Same goes for the theme running through the infamous Glassdoor comments. In my industry almost every major company uses the same core software for estimating, planning, progress tracking and cost/sales/value analysis. A job opportunity where they used their own custom software - based around principles the industry left behind many years prior - would be very unattractive to me.


Thank you Paul, this will be very useful!

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Same issue here

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Are they infamous? Any anonymous comments from dissatisfied employees on a website must be taken with a huge pinch of salt, whether it be Zwift or anywhere else. We all know happy customers/employees tend not to post anywhere near as much as unhappy ones.

This forum being a prime example.

We spend around £4/week to use Zwift. Of course there are faults, frustrating delays and so on, But come on, lets have some perspective.

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For a game that’s very much premium money, which is the whole argument.


Depends how you see Zwift, Dave. I dont see it as a game primarily but more like gym membership. I don’t really understand how people (not necessarily you) with £1000+ bikes, £600 smart trainers and so on, think £15 a month is a lot. I think it’s cheap.


Yes, it is so easy to forget the recent challenges and the continued reliable experience Zwift provides for so many people. Thank you for helping lockdown!
Anything else is icing on the cake at the moment!
Thank you


I don’t agree with that analogy because you don’t need to provide that £1,600 of your own kit to use the gym. Your money pays for the use of their equipment, with this you provide your own. I see Zwift as a game, a social platform and a digital service. Even Zwift describes itself as ‘the fitness company born from gaming’.

I get huge value out of Zwift and don’t begrudge paying the subscription whatsoever. I just think it gets a spectacularly easy ride from the majority of its customer base, seemingly for simply existing.


What platform are you seeing this on?

Let’s keep this thread on topic please.

What route was the meetup for?

Correct, race results for meetups require a change to Zwift Companion as well that hasn’t been released yet, but it’s coming. :ride_on:


Hi Lindsay.

It was Everything Bagel. We had multiple meetups throughout the day from 07:00 sast until 19:00 sast. All had the same issue. Seems to all be apple users that went in the opposite direction.
We are hosting the same event tomorrow in watopia - three sisters. Almost 160 people attending, so a bit worried about the experience they will have. Any advice?

How do I download?
Is it only for the application on the PC?

good noote, yesterday the 28th started to give error when saving the game, this update hindered me, and today again I was not able to save the game, what to do? if tomorrow problems again I will cancel paying almost 100.00 to be giving error after a hard ride is not worth it.

Hola buenas tardes.
Con la actualizacion de ayer, no me
Deja entrar a los eventos, ya intenté con varios eventos, por iniciar y los que empiezan con más tiempo.

Que hago, no puedo entrar a eventos