Game Update 1.62 [April 2024]

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Nothing has changed since last 1.61 update, it usually updates in the background. The check for update option really needs to be turned back on.

Background updating doesn’t do anything unless you have Zwift start at boot; if you aren’t doing that, then having that enabled serves no purpose.

Otherwise every update would be happening right in front of you as you boot the launcher.

Also weird… I have the check for update on my launcher. (But I also don’t have a “skip this update” button either so figure that one out)

Please check for an update now. If you are not seeing it at this stage of the phased rollout, please let us know.

Finally updating thanks, I had to close Zwift from running in the background for about 15min and then restart.

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Updated to 1.62 and did the Zwift spin stage B in Paris.
Had tve turn button for Mount Vontroux on screen the whole time .

Then did a pacer group ride and lost the update to the progress bar. Back to the normal one .

This is an old bug


I Got that badge today after ridning only 1 km.
So, not that hard, or just being lucky :dark_sunglasses:

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Android users please note - 1.62 should be available o you in the Play Store.

Since the update steering is unusable. Every 10 s or so my avitar is pushed to what seems to be a preferred path. If I hold to the right it pushes left, and if I hold to the left it pushes right. This can be abrupt and disrupts the ride.


Any update on the decreased distance for Ride Ons since the update last month to include the shockwave? I created an issue topic about this, but there hasn’t been an official Zwift response.

Since the update steering is unusable. Every 10 s or so my avitar is pushed to what seems to be a preferred path.

I agree. For me, the whole point of in-game steering is to be able to choose your own path.


Why is the weekly ride bonus down to 1x per week? I was liking that!!!

@shooj i noticed some weird steering issues right after updating. I did the Big Spin ride.

When riding solo and steering to the left. 5 seconds after releasing the steering button, avatar would veer to the right. When steering to the far right after 5 seconds would veer left but not as aggressively as it veers to the right from the left position. Typically when you steer the avatar just stays where you put it.


hahaha, Today was my second ride of the week. When the loading screen opened it said “update”. I said “sure thing!!” when I finished my ride I was all “where’s my darn bonus xp?!” then I read the update notes.

The new steering algorithm is totally annoying. It breaks immersion and I do not understand why they changed it.

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The organization of the garage is nowhere to be found.


Zwift said it wasnt reduced, they just added the animation.

They’re wrong though.

what evidence do you have other than anecdotal?