Game Update 1.27 [July 2022]

Hi @Jill_Weber1203 welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. “Bad Image error” sounds like files might not have downloaded correctly during today’s automated update. I’ll ask you to try deleting all the Zwift-related files on your computer to make sure any bad files are gone, then manually download the latest game package.

There are step by step instructions on our Support Hub. Please be sure to move your personal best and custom workout files out of harm’s way before you delete everything else.

By the way - I noticed that you’re on an older version of our Zwift launcher app. When you download the latest package from, you’re also going to get the latest launcher app. While you’re installing it - you may get a message asking you to install Microsoft components that Zwift needs. Say yes to those prompts, please.

Would you let us know if that solves the error for you?

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We need that to be able to join you while you are eVeresting!!!

Zwift Insider’s post about today’s release: Zwift Update Version 1.27.0 (101324) Released | Zwift Insider


Exactly @Ludovic_Jost_CLS_ZLD :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … A perfect example where it is now much, much harder for people to easily join someone on a ride. Everyone is just going to have to wait at the bottom :rofl:

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I’ve just seen the black and white screenshot. Is there any way to turn that off? It seems like a pretty shitty thing to do to any paying customers. Purposely downgrading their experience for the next month to warn them that their device will no longer be supported. A pop-up at the start of the ride informing them should be sufficient warning but a constant reminder like that?

Just sounds like a really terrible way to treat customers. Or I guess that’s just business as usual in the case of Zwift.

To be fair to Zwift, they have been talking about this for aaaaaages. You will also find those devices are not able to update normal apps like FB, Whatsapp etc. All those apps (every app?) phase out support to older devices.

And look, I have to buy a new tablet for CA so am affected too

You’ll need to hurry to be back quickly in order for us to not wait too long down there!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Any chance the issue with windows not remembering passwords is going to be resolved at some point? Me and my wife both have accounts and it would be nice to have that functionality back working again.


No way I see to remove it.

Support for those devices ends August 1, so that’s only 17 days away. I think Zwift did this to make sure people don’t miss the fact that they’ll need another Zwifting device on August 1. My guess is their metrics are saying not everyone seems to be seeing the less obtrusive warning message that’s been there for several weeks…

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Are you also ‘very much working on’ bringing the updated Home Screen features to ATV??? This has become like an unfinished DIY project that seemingly is no longer mentioned.


Came here to say this !!! I have selected a lot of events to go to and I wish I could see this list on the companion app !! I set reminders for each , but I’d love to be able to see events I’ve selected going to.

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Any update on when levels beyond 50 will be released? I’ve been riding in this same jersey for I’m guessing at least three years now? It smells pretty awful!


That’s why I use zwiftpower for signups. Easy to do searches for rides I want to do and a nice table of rides I’m signed up for.

They could have just turned off your device and not warned you. The fact your manufacture stopped supporting your device long before Zwift did is actually good service and sounds like you have had a great run from your device. Time to upgrade! Ride On👍

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Hopefully this being “worked on” doesn’t mean the same as all the other things like “exciting new worlds” and myriad other features over the years that were also being “worked on”.

I’m an early Zwift adopter and was a strong proponent for the platform, encouraging countless people to join. However as the years rolled on and so many of these much promised features and developments never arrived, the platform became increasingly boring. Indeed I stopped using it, but nevertheless maintained my (expensive in Australia) subscription for the past year, there’s a couple of hundred dollars in Zwift’s bank account for nothing; you’re welcome.

The other night I logged back in to see what changes had happened, maybe ride one of these “we’re working on it” new worlds and check out the “we’re working on it” new features that would be completed by now. The result? I was back off the bike 30 minutes later, bored and frustrated, and even somewhat angry. Almost NOTHING had changed. The initial splash screen had changed, and reading through some of the comments here, some of the features removed. Seriously?

In my opinion Zwift has completely dropped the ball here and “we’re working on it” doesn’t cut it anymore. Some serious improvements had better actually start materialising fairly soon or I see absolutely no reason to keep sponsoring yet more vaporware.


I’ve not heard of that , I’ll check it out !! :slight_smile: I did just discover swiping through to see events , but I’d love to be able to even filter “rides I’m attending” to show a page of the rides and times etc !

You still look fantastic though!

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The fact that you force me to update prior to beginning my ride is most annoying and has been for the 5 years I have been a community member, I often plan my rides for a specific time and on rural internet for much of the year the updates can take significant amounts of time away from my ride. It would be so much better if I could choose to do the update following the ride. This morning in my time zone the email about the update came after my ride and a very slow update which definitely took away from my experience this morning.

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@shooj , A step forward would be if you are able to provide a more accurate indication on timescales. For example, can we expect the ‘Ride With’ feature to be released within a minor update/patch (say in the next week or so?) or will this be released in the next major 1.28 update (say mid August?)

I think this would help with expectations (and hopes) if we knew the realistic timescales on this!

I believe we should keep all comments positive and respectful on this forum, so this is a genuine question with the aim to find out some more information on this feature. :+1:

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