Game Update 1.27 [July 2022]

Hey Zwifters - version 1.27 of the game app is ready to download across all OS platforms (PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and Apple TV).

While we’ve mostly been busy working on game features and behind the scenes technical improvements you’ll see soon, we do still have several public changes to announce in this release. They are:

  • Fixed Alpe du Zwift segment timing.
  • Fixed issue where fit files could become corrupted.
  • Chapter2 KOKO and 2023 Scott Foil bikes added to drop shop.
  • Fixed several locations where road surfaces weren’t joined up nicely
  • Some Zwifters may notice the game run in greyscale color mode with an on screen warning about their device soon being deprecated (for example, 2013 iPad Air). See this thread for details.
  • Various fixes/improvements.

Update 1.27.1 July 25 for Android only

  • We resolved an issue incorrectly targeting Android 13 with the greyscale deprecation effect

If you run into any unusual, please post in the thread below.

Ride On!


The new Scott looks amazing! Here is my article about the update including images, my thoughts, and a list of bugs that come up over time. Feel free to check it: Zwift Update July Released 1.27 - ZRace Central.

Edit: Just finished uploading a video version. Feel free to check it out: Zwift Update July 2022 v.1.27 // All The Details! - YouTube


Please bring the “Ride With” feature back for the new interface. Do this now please. I’m shocked that it wasn’t included right away. I’m even more shocked that it’s STILL not back.


Agreed, a much missed feature.


We are very much working on that.


Couldn’t agree more! Bug fixes are always welcome, but I sense this [Ride With feature] is a ‘fix’ that is sorely missing from this update for quite a number of users!

Looking forward to good news very soon! :slightly_smiling_face:



Connect with AppleTV and you’ll get the “Ride with”, but not the new homescreen… Hopefully that’s coming soon, too!


Also please bring back last route ridden. thanks.


Hey, I’d like to see a personal “event schedule” in the companion app.
I usually plan my group workouts for the next 5-8 days and instead of having just an event in my calendar on my phone (which don’t entail details such as W/kg etc.)I’d like to see a section where all my currently planned group workouts are listed. Ideally even with non group workouts which should also be able to select from the companion app as many have pointed out.

Greetings Ben


Can we have banded rides within the club setup please


See the Clubs update thread, rubberbanding is being worked on


Can’t believe the “ride with” feature was done away with. Who makes these decisions anyway? And why is it taking so long to put back something we already “had”?


If I understand you correctly, this is already available. In the Companion app you should see the next activity for which you have signed up in the Events section. If you swipe left you should see the next event for which you have signed up. If you continue this you should see all the events for which you are currently signed up.


Thanks Nigel. Really didn’t know the swiping feature. One step in the right direction :slight_smile:
Would still prefer a table with columns or/and a zwift calendar with more event details for better overview reasons.
But that will do for now :slight_smile:

Thanks Shuji. Is there any info on rider shadows on M1 Macs being addressed?

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Have you fixed the ride with function. I can no longer join my griend when they are free riding. Miss this functionality lots.


hi @Annabel_J_ZHR_G welcome to Zwift forums.

Not yet. We’re know many of you want this back ASAP, and we’re working on it as noted upstream.

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After updating the software I receive a ZwiftApp.exe - Bad Image error and Zwift will not run. I have uninstalled Zwift, restarted the computer and reinstalled the software and the same error comes up. How do I correct this?