Funky bike shadows after update [1.14.0] [SOLVED]

I’m seeing some funky bike shadow animations. If you ride the reverse KOM past the petrol station you can see what I mean. Picture below but it doesn’t show u the full extent. The bike is spinning! I’m on PC btw.


Last night several in the group I was riding with also saw strange shadow action. Wheel shadows wobbled and disappeared, frame shadow disappeared or change angle similar to your pics.
We were on the Alp du Zwift. Saw it off and on going up and down. This only affected the view of our own bike so that each person only saw it do this on their own bike and not others.
Had not seen this before so will blame the last update.

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I also saw this going down Ven top. My friend saw it going up ven top.

This is new after the update.

@Wes @shooj

Shadow issues after new update, I haven’t seen this happen before. Windows 10 with latest game version. Look at the bike shadow in the video below:

@Dave_ZPCMR can you confirm this is happening on any of your builds? I also noticed it a lot in the underwater tunnel.

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Hi @CoolRunnings @Calvin_Mitts_64y_VV @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ @Mike_Rowe1

Thanks all for reporting and taking time to screencap. This really helps us see what you’re seeing. We’ll get on it!


Couldn’t see anything immediately obvious on this one just now. :rofl:

Has been a few people reporting it though, yeah.


Since the last update my bike shadows have been going crazy. The wheels and frame occasionally spin on a different axis independently of each other. Other times the bike shadow simply disappears. It happens about 10% of the time and lasts about 5 seconds. The spinning is speed relative, faster speed equals faster spinning. See zwift riders facebook page for videos.

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i’ve got the same spinning shadow issue as the previous post describes.

windows version, kickr v5 through bluetooth, 1660 graphics card

must have been a full moon?

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Add me to the list of people suffering wobbly wheels. Windows 10

Try this. :laughing:


I’ve noticed this as well quite consistently since the update. I also wanted to add that it seems to be a problem with other dynamic scenery shadows (not just bikes). I’ve attached a screenshot showing the windmill towers and blades out of alignment - a static image doesn’t show properly just how much they were moving around independently…

Gang - we’re aware and working on the fix. It did not make it into v 1.14.1 that just released in the past hour. We thank you for your patience.


Thanks for your response.

Ever since I started to use my Elite Sterzo Smart device I have noticed a strange thing going on in Zwift. The shadow on the ground looks like I am steering all over the place. This doesn’t happen all the time and has no effect on my ridding stats or feel. This is a Visual issue only. This is only the shadow on the ground that looks like I am steering back and forth. I have submitted this to Zwift and have also gave them all my Log files. Do other see the same issue?


If you mean your wheel wobbles all over the place then yes this is part of the same issue.

Happy I’m not the only one with this problem, just bought a new laptop for riding in 4k!