French routes

Now that the virtual Tour de France is over, why not open up the French routes for free rides, meetups, events, etc.?

As has been discussed in other threads, the French roads will become part of the regular world rotation with the August update.

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When in August? Next Saturday is in August. Yet, when I try to create a meetup for Saturday, the French routes are not offered as options.

No idea. Whenever the August Zwift update happens. You’ll have to wait for that before you can schedule anything on the French roads.


Probably open up when the TdF starts (29 Aug)or the week before.

Looks like August 1 for events and August 10 for open to select,

Latest I’ve heard.

We’ll, I suppose there’s always the hack from Zwift Insider.

I use Zwifthacks to search for events. A lot more search capabilities than the companion app. You can search for events on the France and Paris worlds, and starting Saturday there are a bunch of events.

As mentioned before I believe an update is required before you can free ride on them, but by joining an event no hack needed and will work on any platform.