Free Custom Workout for Everest Challenge: Alpe Du Zwift Endurance Climb

I’m working on the Everest challenge. So far 36,479 meters out of 50,000.
I’m trying to finish this challenge by riding Alpe Du Zwift (Road to Sky) every other day.

In order to keep myself motivated and always pushing the ride power output, I built a custom workout.

There’s a warmup section leading to start line and a 5-minute cooldown after the finish line.
It starts at 85% FTP going gradually down to 73% FTP.
Cadence starts at 85 RPM going down gradually to 60 RPM.

It really helps me to have a workout segment arch at every hairpin turn. Helps me pushing through to the next arch.
Also knowing how much time is left to the next hairpin turn is helpful and motivating.
On days I’m a little fatigued, the ERG mode helps keep me pushing out the wattage.
Eventually, I can also increase the FTP percentage, in order to reduce the climb time.

Of course, the timing is dependant on each rider’s FTP and weight.
The process of fine-tuning the timing is pretty easy.
I rode the course and used the companion app screenshot button (looks like a camera) when crossing the start line, each hairpin turn and the finish line.
The ZWO workout file is a relatively simple text file. I used the elapsed time from the screenshots to change the workout section segment times. After 2 rides, the segments were pretty spot on.

So for example, if your timing was crossing the start line at 9:50 (590 seconds) and hairpin turn #21 at 15:05 (5:15 minutes or 315 seconds after start line), you would change the text file as follows (duration is always the difference between elapsed time of adjacent turns):

   <Warmup Duration="590" PowerLow="0.50375491" PowerHigh="0.85158104"/>
    <SteadyState Duration="315" Power="0.84980237" Cadence="85">
        <textevent timeoffset="0" message="Start"/>
        <textevent timeoffset="315" message="Turn #21"/>

The durations for all the segments would be changed according to the screen snapshots.
There are two longer sections, between turn #6 and #7 and between turn #13 and #14, I added these non marked turns between as additional sections, in order to break up these 2 longer sections.

Zwift Workout file can be downloaded for free from my Dropbox: Alpe_Du_Zwift_Endurance_Climb.zwo