Free access racing?

Wonder any orangizers out there willing to start a free access racing.

The race should revolve around the 25km free use per month allocation.

Race 1 each month should be under 25km. Best to be under 23km if people are riding a little after the race. This would be a rolling-mountain race to get the most out of the 25km

Race 2 of the month can be a flat race. Once you cross the point of 25km you can still have access till you log out. So race 2 can be unrestricted,

Great way to keep racers engaged that can’t afford the price increase.

The Rhino Racing Short Crits are all less than 25km. The events are held four days each week with five race times each day. Routes vary minimally since we focus on the short routes suitable for multi-lap crits. Usually Bell Lap, Neokyo Crit Course, Downtown Dolphin, and Glasgow Crit Circuit. For the last few weeks we’ve switched the latter for Glasgow Reverse, and on Saturday we’ll shift it to Castle Crit (which has some great short climbs to destroy the field). So if you wanted one flat and one hilly, this week you could do Neokyo Crit Course on Thursday and Castle Crit on Saturday. Honestly you have a lot of options if you want to execute your plan because there are many short races out there and the second race could be whatever you want.

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25 1km races per month.

Evo are currently doing one lap super sprints at Crit City, 2Km, next one is Friday 1000 BST I think.


Easy now, some of us aren’t into ‘endurance’ races.