Francis Cade: 2 Bikes 1 Wheelchair 3000 Miles Across The USA

So, not Zwift-specific but this is inspiring.

Francis Cade and Justin Levene are riding across the USA for charity. Justin’s riding a racing hand-cycle and Francis is posting daily video updates of their progress. Super fun to watch, makes me want to ride more. (being December, and me being in Canada, that means Zwift)

Also seriously in awe of how great an attitude these guys have. Watching the video on Justin’s handcycle, he describes no end of problems with the frame, the drivetrain, the ergonomics…and despite all that, he’s laughing and smiling about it.

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Been watching it from the off. Episodes are under 10 minutes each so easy to catch up on.

Very inspiring and great to see the generosity of the people they come across.

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Thanks for sharing! This is a great series, and I can see why it’s so inspiring.

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The last video went on yesterday. 47 days and they’ve raised over £150,000

Great achievement and they overcame many issues along the way with requirement failure and illness.

Never too late to donate and the whole journey is available to binge watch.

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What struck me about the vids I’ve watched so far is how many positive interactions they had.

If online echo-chambers were to be believed, the USA is a car-brained, bicycle-hostile country you should never ride in. In the last vid: they had the LAPD provide an escort for what turned into a massive group ride, with everybody smiling. It was a nice antidote to all the social-media doom-and-gloom surrounding bike car/bike infrastructure.

Now to go get caught up on it!

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