Has anyone else experienced this?
I just realized that I’ve started LOSING fitness in the summer and I’m more fit riding Zwift in the Winter!

Strange times we live in.

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I have. I’m looking at Strava’s fitness chart and I have noticed that I get unreasonably much fitness for longer outdoor rides compared to the hi intensity work on Zwift. I feel the fitness is better in the winter. Strange!

There aren’t any cake stops on my Zwift rides :frowning:


That’s it. Solution :white_check_mark:

I find the opposite - I get more benefits riding outside.

I’m riding in high temperatures outside or at high 1000-2000m altitude (or higher).

That said Zwift can have benefits provided you use it the right way. Before Zwift I used to create my own interval workouts on the old PerfPRO Studio.

Although I live in a flat area, I felt well prepared for riding in the mountains.

This is really common from what I see with our (Herd) racers who spend a good chunk of time outdoors in the summer.

When you’re Zwifting, you’re always pedalling, there’s not much in the way of free wheeling, and less cake!

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That’s why I keep training on Zwift year round.

But ine thing to remember is your body needs rest and easy blocks, if you go hard over the winter then your body will need to recover in the summertime.

So plan easier riding in the winter so that you can peak in the summertime.