Fit file data missing

I did a dual recording compare on Zwiftpower today and have found my fit file from Zwift has lots of missing gaps in the fit file. This seems to be a zwift issue because the gaps are shown on all devices and using different connection protocols (BLE and Dircon). I have checked the fit file on my PC and uploaded to Strava and they all show these odd gaps in data on the Zwiftpower compare tool.

I had a similar result a few days ago as well

Same here, for the 1st time. Feb 26th.

Compared to other fit file that usually dont have any missing data, this one states that it has 370s missing datapoint using the analysis feature in ZP.

After looking at the fit file, it seems like timestamps are a little corrupted, because gaps are not steady to 1 second as other files. Some have zeroes and some 2 seconds, and the count exactly matches with missing data identified by ZP.

Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 9.21.14 PM