First Race, Making Sense of the Data

Posting on behalf of my brother the Canadian.

First race today. Averaged 252 W and 3.36 W/KG. Finished 99th. Only one person in the 40 places ahead of me averaged more watts and only two people more W/KG. I’d like to better understand how I am finishing behind people who averaged roughly 100 W and 1 W/KG less than I did over 30 minutes.

A couple of data points if it helps. 75 KG rider on an Elite Direto trainer.

Appreciate the help in making sense of the data.

Your brother wasn’t riding a time trial bike, was he? (There’s no draft for TT riders.)

Nope. Zwift Carbon with Enve 3.4s.

And just looking at his data, his cadence was only 72 RPM for the race.