Finding slow races!

I’m new to Zwift and tried the training plan but found it pretty boring. All this watching the power meter and cadence etc isn’t what i’m after really.
So, tried a few races and that’s more like it!
But: I’m 71 with an FTP of 105 so keep coming last - or occasionally beating someone who is having a bad day! Are there any classes for people like me? Not looking to win, just mix it a little…

Greetings and welcome. Not sure if there’s special category but you could try some races aimed at beginning Cat D races like the Herd ones on Saturdays. They’re are a few times slots on Saturdays. The one below is at 7 am EST but there are others. Happy racing!

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You might try “racing” some leaderless group rides with a big field, like the Tour de Zwift, BMTR Fundo, BMTR Mini-Fundo. There are riders of all abilities in those events, but you probably won’t ride alone. Also look for the “Masters SA” races which have age categories - read the event description for details of how it works. Masters SA - The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

Here’s a masters race with aged based categories coming up on Saturday. The E group is for over 70s and has five people signed up so far.

FZR Masters Race FZR Masters Race - The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App


I am not looking for a „slow“ Race, but for a „Beginners“ Serie, where I have regular races (ones a week or so) with a distance of 30 - 45 kilometers. Should be open for cat C and also cyclists without any Teams. Is there such a Serie at Zwift?

I don’t know about beginner series in C category. But using this link you can find races in your time slot, most races are the same time every week, and you start to know the regulars.

Check this out from Team DIRT